AXIO Energy vs. Red Bull Testimonial

 I was an advocate Red Bull drinker for many years. Working long hours in an inside sales environment, was using Red Bull like a drug. It gave me that extra boast to be focused and work long hours. Not drinking found myself distracted, counting down the minutes till the end of the work day.  This picture shows the amount of Red Bull I drank per month.
If I drank one can immediately would have a sudden boast of energy and the rest of the day was downhill. If I drank two cans in one day, not only would I not sleep for two days, my chest would feel like I was having a heart attack. I remember driving home one night, had to pull over because my body was shaking really bad short of having a seizure.
 Two months ago ordered both the AXIO (Green Grape) Energy, and the AXIO (Red Raspberry) Endure to try out. I alternate with each favor different days. Mix one packet with filtered water in a quart size container. I know this is more than the 16 oz. recommended on the label.
A good thing I have noticed is I am losing my belly, probably from the increased water going through my system. I have the focused and extra energy to get me till the end of the day.

axio vs red bull testimonial

Chief Science Officer at LifeVantage Shawn M. Talbott, PhD, says Energy products are all about stimulation. Masking fatigue and really does nothing to help get people to their desired state of wellbeing”. AXIO is a multi-dimensional energy drink powder that delivers equal parts better mood, improved mental focus, and heightened stress resilience. Adding up to an enhanced feeling of well-being. We couldn’t be more excited about expanding this new approach into the evolving energy drink market around the world.”

AXIO Energy Green Grape Drink vs Redbull Testimonial

AXIO Endure Red Raspberry Drink vs Redbull Testimonial

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