Protandim Testimonial

Clarissa Griffith throat cancer survivor

I was diagnosed with a condition called Subglottic Stenosis which is scarring of the trachea. I went into emergency surgery up in Salt Lake City, and they dilated my airway, and then I was told it would probably grow back. Sure enough, three years later it did, and I ended up in the emergency room once again. I went in, and they did a laser treatment, and then a little bit later within a few weeks it grew back. They did it again and then again and then again and then again. Then I ended up in the emergency room and after the surgery was performed I went into respiratory failure.

Due to that I ended up with a tracheostomy and a regular stainless steel trachea. I then had multiple surgeries and they were not able to prevent the scar tissue from growing. So then they did a rib graft, and they took part of my rib out, and they put that in my airway. That didn’t work.

Then I went to UCLA, and they took the membranes of my cheeks and they sliced them from both sides of my face and put them in my airway. That didn’t work. Then they inserted what is called a t-tube. It fitted under my vocal cords, came out of my neck and was capped in the front. For the past 9 years I have had a t-tube in my airway that was replaced every year. I’ve had a total of over 41 surgeries on my airway.

I started on Protandim and in April of 2011 I went to my doctor at the Mayo, and we decided to do surgery and take the t-tube out. He was reluctant and didn’t think it would work, but then they took it out. When I woke up I felt to see whether or not I had the t-tube in my airway or a plug. And I had a plug. He had told me if it was successful, he would put a plug in my airway for 4 months to see if the scar tissue would return.

Now I’ve had scar tissue grow back within 3 to 5 days, and after 4 months – it didn’t. And so on August 23rd of 2011 my airway was sewn up. This is a pretty big deal to me because for the first time in 10 years I went swimming, and I was able to take a shower without gurgling. During this process of the last 9 years I had a year when I couldn’t speak. The fact that I’m able to speak today and speak with intonation and emotion is due to the blessing that I have been given. And I am grateful. Protandim has truly been a miracle in my life.”

Clarissa Griffith

Salt Lake City, UT

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