Protandim Testimonial

Dorothy Ensign five time cancer survivor

One of the real pleasures after taking Protandim for a year is the number of other medications I no longer need. I’ve cut my allergy medicine especially, a great deal. I’d say two-thirds of the things I was supposed to take before, I’m no longer taking after talking with my physicians and having their approval. One month after taking Protandim I had my annual physical, and my internist found my blood work outstanding. Especially in the area of cholesterol. Apparently it was very much improved from prior times. All of the other blood work was in perfect balance, so I appreciate it so much having physical proof that my good health was returning. It gave me my energy and stamina back.

“Within two months of being on it, at the oncologist’s, the doctor said I looked so good that he was not going to go on with the chemo medicines that he was giving me, and that he would see me in six months. The next physician I saw was my eye doctor. She said, you don’t need to change your glasses this time. Your eyes are holding so well. So it was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have to have a new prescription. The next doctor I saw was my heart doctor.

“My heart doctor felt that I was doing very well, and he was very interested in knowing what I was doing to remain that way. The dentist found that my gums were in great shape, and my teeth were not having any troubles with cavities at all. He was very pleased with the work that my mouth showed, even my tongue. I was having no more infections of any kind that where making it difficult in my mouth. So my mouth was in good shape. I thank God every day that I have begun to take Protandim.”

Dorothy Ensign Indianapolis, IN

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