Protandim Testimonial

Montel Williams uses Protandim to control his Multiple Sclerosis


I was on top of the world, and then all of a sudden I got diagnosed with MS. I was in Utah to film an episode for a TV show with George Clooney. My legs felt like they were on fire. My shins were on fire, my thighs were on fire, and it wouldn’t stop, and that’s what sent me into the doctor. The doctor said you have MS. He said you have to stop your talk show, you’re going to have to stop all the stress, you have to stop all that working out and you’re going to have to stop stop stop. I thought, how dare that doctor tell me what was in my crystal ball.

Looked into the crystal ball. I almost did what a large percentage of people who have MS do, and that is to take my life. I sat in a closet for about three hours sucking on a gun. I got very, very afraid that my children might find me so I decided to get a little smarter. I walked across the street and there are cabs going around all the time in New York. If a cab hits me, everyone will think it happened as an accident. So of course I’m in Manhattan, New York, I cross the street and throw myself in front of a cab, and I get the only cab driver that’s paying attention. He slammed on his brakes, picked me up and helped me across the street. And it was that second that made me realize number one, how dare I live down to someone else’s expectations of me.

When that hit me, it hit me like a brick. To think that I could not survive this after all the things I’ve survived that you can’t even imagine. How dare that man. And this guy that’s helping me across the street talking in my ear about how much he enjoyed my show and I realized right then that I don’t care what any doctor says about me. I have MS. Yes. My MS will never have me.

I found every doctor that claims to be an expert, and I literally went to meet them all. My lead doctor for MS was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I saw doctors from Torrence. I saw doctors from John Hopkins. I saw doctors from University of San Francisco, and after a while after seeing all these doctors, not that I want to put any of them down, but I’m just hearing about all the same issues I was dealing with.

I decided to start researching. Inflammation is kryptonite, kryptonite for most neurological diseases. I set about finding out about everything and anything I could possibly take to reduce the inflammation in my body. Now this very good friend of mine said look, you’re looking at finding out more about something called anti-oxidants. I said really? It reduces the inflammation. I looked at the very first study that came out. I take about 38 pills a day every day. My housekeeper put all of my pills together for me every month. I took Protandim for two and a half years, literally every day. I take a lot of things. I take western medication. I take a holistic program and a hormone replacement program because I feel very strongly that you need to have every single weapon in your quiver you can have to go to war, and Protandim was one of those weapons in that quiver.

This isn’t a double-blind study, this isn’t a clinical trial, I’m just going to tell you about 9 months ago I just didn’t feel right. Waking up in the morning my legs dragged a little bit more, they hurt me more. Five days go by, and I tried to figure out everything I could to find out what it was that had changed in my life in the last month that was making me feel a little weird. I tried to figure it out. So I finally went to my housekeeper and went, let me figure out what it is about my pills. I was thinking maybe she was just forgetting to put the magnesium or the vitamin D in the bag or something. Something was wrong. I checked the bags, and I realized I hadn’t ordered Protandim for three months. OK? Protandim was the only pill that was missing out of my bag, she had stopped putting it in there for 20 days. So if the only thing I changed in my life is Protandim, and that clearly started making me feel worse, and the second I put it back in 8 days later I started feeling like myself, this is a product I’m going to stand behind. This is a product that’s about making people feel better.”

Montel Williams
New York, NY

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